APCS Program

Academic Tutoring, Psychological Mentoring & Career Motivation Support Program for Underprivileged Students

APCS Program

Mission Statement

Provide underprivileged kids the academic guidance, psychological support and career motivation, to enable them to dream big and work towards achieving their dreams, in spite of their background.

Key Aspects

Academic Mentoring

  • Provide continuous academic (STEM) mentoring, monitoring and encouragement to ensure they maintain their interest in studies and help them successfully graduate from school.
  • Connect the students with real world professionals across the world, providing them an to understand how the concepts they are learning, are being applied in the real world

Career Motivation & Guidance

  • Provide guidance to discover their field of interest and career preferences and identify the aligned courses and undergraduate degrees. 
  • Facilitate interaction with professionals from various fields, discussing the respective career opportunities & clarification of doubts related to the respective professions. 
  • Guidance and support to pursue the required courses and degrees.

Psychological Counselling

  • Students from underprivileged backgrounds might come from extremely harsh backgrounds, the psychological impact of which typically prevents the students from focusing on their students or even hoping for a better future. 
  • Psychological counselling to enable timely detection & course correction.
  • Help students deal with the negative influence of their background or surroundings, and to stay motivated to pursue their goals. 
  • Periodic interaction with Certified child psychologists through group and one to one counselling.

Program Beneficiaries

This program is focused towards schools dealing with underprivileged kids. APCW will work with the respective school management to customize the program for the school.


The program was initiated, and is currently active with Shishu Mandir, which is a Bangalore based NGO sponsored school. Please click the link to know more about Shishu Mandir:

Uniqueness of the APCS Program

The program brings together 3 important pillars which are essential to support underprivileged kids

  • While academic mentoring can help the kids in the studies and in better understanding of concepts, the motivation to study comes from kids realizing the potential of education, and different career options in the outside world, and how that will help them towards a brighter future for themselves and their family. This is where Career Motivation comes in.
  • In spite of Academic Mentoring and Career Motivation, the kids who are under tremendous psychological stress or subject negative influences at their homes or surroundings, will find themselves unable to focus or growing disinterested in studies. These is where Psychological Counselling comes in.
  • The journey therefore can get derailed for underprivileged kids if not supported through all the three critical pillars.

Support the Program

This is an opportunity to give back to society and support underprivileged kids, and make an actual impact in their lives. We welcome all to volunteer support to this program. You may please reach us at the “contact@apcwglobal.org”.

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